Marketing Strategy In Garment Industry And The Impact On Sales

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Dr. H.M. Noor Sembiring, SE, MM
tanggal :
Juni 2010
issn :
2087 - 6327

The changes on marketing environment in garments industry result in the disparity of a company‚Äôs capability in that industry.  The garments companies need to revitalize their marketing strategy so that they can align their external opportunity and threat with internal strengths.  This strategic decision is important to achieve the companies performance and to assure their survival.  The purpose of this research is to analyze the influence of marketing strategy on sales.

This research uses the descriptive and explanatory survey method to the 70 garments companies that become the member of Assosiasi Pertekstilan Indonesia (API), Jabotabek.  The data are collected by conducting several interviews with the marketing division from January to July 2009.  The data are administered by using path analysis and processed by Lisrel 8.5 for Windows software. The results of this research show that: The formulation of garments marketing strategy tend to put more their consideration on customers centered than on competitors centered and/or the other external micro environmental forces. The marketing strategy has an influence on the sales.  The influence of marketing mix on the sales is in fact higher than the influence of product-market strategy.

kata kunci :
Strategy location, Strategy Hotchpotch Market Marketing and Sales Revenue

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