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The Resiliency Among Young Adulthood Veiled Muslim Women

fakultas :
pengarang :
Mira Rizki Wijayani
tanggal :
Desember 2017
seri :
Desember 2017
issn :

The use of veil in some muslim women cause life conflict that happen inside the person (within people) or between the person with her environment (between people). The confilct forces veiled muslim women to face difficult and stressfull situation. However, some of them can bounce back and hold out from setbacks in their live. They are the people who can increases their resiliency ability. The purpose of this research is to describe the resiliency ability among young adulthood veiled muslim women. This research use qualitative approaches with interview and observation techniques.

kata kunci :
Reciliency, Psychosocial Development, Young Adulthood

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