Perkembangan Braggadocian Behavior Dan Fomo Pada Generasi Y Dan Z (Studi Fenomenologi Fitur Instastory Di Media Sosial Instagram)

fakultas :
Ilmu Komunikasi
pengarang :
Fara Dilla Fairuz
tanggal :
Tahun 2022
issn :

Braggadocian Behavior and Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) in Y and Z generations formed by the high use of social media Instagram. This is in line with development of technology and communication. Each user of social media Instagram very susceptible to that thing because of the increasingly varied content and it’s easy for the content to go viral. Then, this grabs the attention of the real world community to pay attention and always participate in the affairs of social media world. The purpose of this research is find out how far the development of braggadocian behavior and Fear of Missing Out in Y dan Z generations.

kata kunci :
Braggadocian behavior, FOMO, Instagram, Communication, Social media

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