Gambaran Psychological Well-Being Pada Ibu Yang Memiliki Anak ADHD

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Desi Novita, Stefvani Chania, Mia Anita Lestari
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Juni 2015
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Children with special needs will need more attention from their parents so they can be growth properly. Kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of children with special needs. The presence of children with ADHD has big impact to their families. According to Barkley in Davidson, Neale, dan Kring (2006), parents will have biggest-worries especially about listening problem which is a form of disobedient. Its hard for them to facing variety challenges from their kids such like impulsive, aggressive, disorder behaviour and also disablities to follow instruction. The dealing with ADHD kids will give pressure to parents, especially mother. This research about psychological well-being in mother of children with ADHD  reviewed based on six dimension of psychological well-being from Ryff (1995), using interviewing and observation method. The conclusion of this research founded that psychological well-being in mother of children with ADHD can have different condition. In general overview, all dimensions of psychological well-being in subjects showed the same relative good condition. Only the dimension of self-acceptance and positive relationships with others has a little different.

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Psychological well-being, mother, ADHD

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