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Hubungan Antara Psychological Capital Terhadap Komitmen Organisasi Pada Karyawan Security Outsourcing

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Bayu Iswahyudi, Aliva Kemala, Tjitjik Hamidah
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Juni 2015
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Juni 2015
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        Security service providers as an outsourcing has a certain quality standards in service. Organizational commitment is more than just a formal membership, including organizations like the attitude and willingness of employees to seek a high level of effort for the benefit of the organization for the achievement of objectives. Psychological capital plays a major role in determining one's success and positive influence on the progress of the organization. Participants in this study were 114 peoples as an employees of security outsourcing company. Using a non-probability sampling technique with a purposive / judmental and methods of data collection using a scale Commitment Item Scale (Allen & Meyer, 1990) and the scale of Psychological Capital Questionnaire (Luthans, et, al., 2007) The results of this study indicate the existence of a positive relationship and significantly between Psychological Capital and Organizational Commitment on security outsourcing by value (r = 0.248; p = 0.008 with a significance level < 0.05). That is, the higher the psychological capital owned by the employee, the more higher on the commitment of the employee-owned organization. Beside that, the largest contribution of capital to the psychological dimension is the dimension of organizational commitment optimism. Based on these results an employee outsourcing security can be improved psychological capital, especially on the dimensions of optimism.

kata kunci :
Organizational Commitment, Psychological Capital, Employee Security Outsourcing

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