The Use Of Role-Play Technique In Teaching Speaking

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Keguruan & Ilmu Pendidikan
pengarang :
Ditta Mustika Rakhmawati
tanggal :
Oktober 2019
seri :
Volume 7, No. 03
issn :

Despite the fact that speaking skill is considered to be the most essential skill for communication, this skill is still being taught in a relatively less proportion as in examination, the focuses are mostly on the other two English skills namely reading and listening. Therefore, students do not have adequate opportunity to practice their speaking skill. The speaking activity done in the classroom is mostly only performing conversations based on the textbook. This activity does not encourage students’ creativity. Therefore, it will be necessary to do several activities that can stimulate their creativity. Applying role-play as a technique in the speaking class will be very useful. This technique offers several advantages such as motivating students to learn speaking in a fun way, involving students in collaborative work, and increasing students’ confidence.

kata kunci :
speaking skill, teaching speaking, role-play technique

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