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Improving Studens Reading Comprehension Through Survey, Question, Read, Recite, And Review (SQ3R) Technique

fakultas :
Keguruan & Ilmu Pendidikan
pengarang :
Erma Damayanti
tanggal :
Oktober 2019
seri :
Volume 7, No. 03
issn :

The ability to understand reading text is one of the skills that students should have. Understanding the reading text can make it easier for students to master the text material being taught and answer questions related to the text. However, in reality, many students have not responded well to reading activities with this understanding. This is due to the lack of the teacher's role in providing effective media and efficient methods to help students understand the reading text. Therefore the purpose of presenting this paper is to improve students' reading comprehension through the SQ3R Method. In this paper it is also intended to find out the increase in students' ability to understand the contents of reading texts using the SQ3R technique. In addition, this paper also aims to provide alternative techniques that can be applied in teaching students to understand reading content more easily.

kata kunci :
strategic teaching in understanding reading texts, learning english communication, easy learning english

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