Using Jigsaw Strategies to Help Communication Studies Students at Tama Jagakarsa University Through Extensive Reading

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Keguruan & Ilmu Pendidikan
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Nani Indriyani
tanggal :
Oktober 2019
seri :
Volume 7, No. 03
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The use of jigsaw strategies to help Communication Studies Students at Tama Jagakarsa University through extensive reading. This modest study aims to find empirical evidence of the jigsaw technique for teaching broad reading to University students. This research was conducted from September to October 2019 at Tama Jagakarsa University. The method used in this research is qualitative by applying four stages in reading Public Relations (PR) books. First, a class of twenty (20) students is divided into 4 groups of five. Each group was assigned to read one chapter of the Public Relations book which contains four chapters (in this first stage the author gave 2 sessions). This is called the expert group and each student in the group is responsible for doing the full reading. The second stage is regrouping. Classes are regrouped into five (5) groups, each group will have four (4) expert members (Student A for chapter 1, Student B for chapter 2, student C for chapter 3 and student D for chapter 4). Each member of the expert should share knowledge about public relations within the group. In the third stage, the writer gave several comprehension questions and the students answered the questions individually. The final stage is presentation. Each group must present the entire contents of the book in front of the class. The results showed that each student was able to answer the comprehension questions with an average score of 86. The students' achievement in broad reading comprehension using the jigsaw technique was quite good. The presentation stage showed that most of the students were able to convey their understanding of the homework book in a very systematic and clear explanation. Referring to the results of the presentation, the authors conclude that the jigsaw technique is effective and applicable for Communication Studies students.

kata kunci :
jigsaw, extensive reading, reading comprehension

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