Pengalihan Status Pekerja Tetap Menjadi Pekerja Tidak Tetap Dalam Hubungan Industrial Pancasila

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pengarang :
Andri dan Su{iarina
tanggal :
Maret 2012
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Under the terms of the legislation, industrial relations are not subject to the law of contract, Associated with the employment agreement of time,-labor law has provided protection to such workers, But in practice, there are still many perceived weaknesses. For example, the possibility of shifting the relationshij iemains a non-permanent connection for permanent workers by the employer, so that the position of workers in industrial relations is very weak, Henie the need for the monitoring of the local Manpower and employment protection effirts by riducing the number of temporary workers and adding the number oypiimaneit workers.

kata kunci :
Transfer stutus, w/orkers, Industrial Relations, pancasila

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