Lembaga Kuasa Dan Kuasa Mutlak

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Prof.Dr. I Ketut Oka Setiawan, SH. MH. SpN
tanggal :
Maret 2008
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One of the efforts to overcome the dificultties in personnally a legal event, is to provide an authorization to another party. Both parties involved in this authorization submit themselves to what is stipulated in the contract-law. Any concellation of authorization by both parties is allowed at any time, without payment.
An absolute unconditional authorization can not be revoked. For a transaction of which the object is is a piece of land, no absolute authorization can be applied, due to the fact that the law wil regerd such as hampering and disturbing any efforts in applying orde and status of land-us.

kata kunci :
Lembaga Kuasa, kuasa mutlak

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