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Hubungan Antara Fakta, Norma, Doktrin dan Moral Dalam Petimbangan Putusan Hakim

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I Ketut Oka Setiawan
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Juli 2011
seri :
Juli 2011
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The amount of a fine, or the length of imprisonment based on the decision of a judge, is determined by the judges deliberations based on facts, norma and legal doctrine related to the case being conducted. The description of the facts should be based on the occurrence of the case supported by proofs in accordance with the law. A just verdict is not only determined by the norms created by the state, which is called "law", but also based on the existing norms which are adhered to by the community, such as religious norms, traditional norms and others.

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Doktrin, Norma, Moral dan Putusan Hakim

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