Pengaruh Pengunaan Metode Sambungan Pembesian Coupler Terhadap Rencana Biaya Pelaksanaan

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Sempurna Bangun
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Mei 2019
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Coupler is a method of connection connection that uses a nut or bolt. Connection between two steel bars (rebar) in a construction project is normal. The limitation of the length of one iron makes the connection between the iron unavoidable. So far, the connection is often done conventionally by the method of overlapping two reinforcing bars with a specified overlap length. The cost of implementing the coupler method is rather expensive compared to the usual pembesian method. The breaking strength of the coupler is designed to be equivalent to the yield strength of the main rebar. The coupler splitting connection is in compliance with SNI-03-2847-2002.

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Coupler, cost, payment, method of implementation

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