Analisa Perbandingan Kekuatan Kolom Berbentuk Persegi Terhadap Lingkaran Akibat Beban Gempa (Studi Kasus : Gedung TTC Makasar 2 Sulawesi Selatan)

Publish : 12 April 2021 Fakultas : Teknik Pengarang : Sempurna Bangun


Many building structures use square columns to withstand the strength of the beams above them, but there are also those that use circular columns as their main structure to withstand the strength
of the beams above them. This research was conducted to determine the comparison between the column in the form of a square with a circle at the Telecommunication Telkomsel Center (TTC) Makassar 2 South Sulawesi. The load calculation and building planning are carried out using the ETABS and PCACOL programs for column interaction diagrams.

Author: Sempurna Bangun
Keywords: Building stability, amount of reinforcement, internal forces, capacity of square and circle columns
Issue Date: April 2021
Publisher: Universitas Tama Jagakarsa
Series / Report no: Volume XVI, Nomor 2, April 2021
ISSN: 1978-001X
Appears in Collections: Tenik