Perpaduan Komunikasi Pemasaran Dan Kerelasian Nasabah Dalam Rangka Mempertahankan Loyalitas Nasabah (Suatu Studi Pada Nasabah Kredit UMKM di Bank DKI)

Publish : 07 Mei 2014 Fakultas : Ekonomi Pengarang : Dr. H.M. Noor Sembiring, SE, MM


As according to bank function as body is effort running role of intermediary, channeling of credit represent one of the dominant bank business activity. Therefore it is not strange if interest income of credit become the source of biggest earnings of banking. Credit as especial business activity of banking ever contain risk which big relative. Incidence of non personal loan credit or have problem ( loan problem) and loss because  giving of credit ( losess loan) representing credit risk, to influence storey level health of bank and decreasing it interest income of credit which ought to be accepted.

The purpose of this research are to know  marketing communications Bank DKI for the debtor of credit of UMKM. Knowing credit debtor relationship of UMKM woke up by Bank DKI. Knowing influence of marketing communications and debtor relationship to credit loyalitas of UMKM Bank DKI. Method Research the used are method of descriptive and expalanatory survey. Unit analyse is credit debtor of UMKM borrowing at Bank DKI of the size sampel equal to 57 UMKM. Finding of this research is that debtor relationship and marketing communication by together have an effect on to credit debtor loyalty of UMKM, but by parcial in the reality credit debtor relationship of UMKM dominant  its influence.

Author: Dr. H.M. Noor Sembiring, SE, MM
Keywords: Marketing communications, relationship, loyalty, especialmbusiness, business activity
Issue Date: Februari 2011
Publisher: Universitas Tarumanagara
Series / Report no: JURNAL MANAJEMEN Vol. XV / 01 Februari 2011, hal. 12 - 21
ISSN: 1410–3583 (Terakreditasi) Dirjen DIKTI No.83/DIKTI/Kep/2009
Appears in Collections: Ekonomi