Mengukur efektivitas pelaksanaan program pendidikan dan pelatihan dengan menggunakan analisis kepentingan dan kinerja

Publish : 07 Mei 2014 Fakultas : Ekonomi

The target of this research is as following :

  1. Knowing performance evaluation execution of education program and training pursuant to importance analysis and performance, so that result of the evaluation of can give to put into  company concerning activities which must improve;repair , defended , owning low priority , and too abundant possibility.
  2. Knowing storey;level influence of execution of education program and existing training to employees work productivity.
Pursuant to data-processing result, hence known  elements execution of education program and training which must be paid attention and improve;repaired is as following : Items Training, Education of[is Non Formal, Schedule Training, Sociability Of Instructor, Variation  Training, Method Training, and Book Guidance of Training.

While elements execution of education program and training which must be defended, is as following : Formal Education, Membership Of Instructor, Ability Of Instructor, Medium of Prasarana Training, Curriculum Training, Evaluation Training. Execution of education program and training have an effect on to employees work productivity and influence of execution of more dominant training program, this matter that way because execution of program training of a more regular  and more aplikatif although still impress theoretical  work of employees. In consequence education program and correct training will give impact  improvement of his employees productivity.

Author: Dr. H.M. Noor Sembiring, SE, MM
Keywords: Evaluation Performance, Training and Productivity
Issue Date: Juni 2010
Publisher: STMT Trisakti
Series / Report no: TRANSPOR Majalah Ilmiah Populer Transportasi dan Logistik, Vol. 28 Nomor 1, Juni 2010, hal. 56 - 66
ISSN: 1442 – 484x
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