Pengaruh Dimensi-dimensi Dalam Perceived Value Terhadap Customer Satisfaction Pada Program Pascasarjana Universitas Tama Jagakarsa

Publish : 07 Mei 2014 Fakultas : Ekonomi Pengarang : Dr. H.M. Noor Sembiring, SE, MM


The Research conducted from the former research continued by Gaston Leblanc and of Nha nguyen, 1999. Concerning the dimensions related to the perceived of value, and the research done by Gordon H.G. McDougall, Terrence Levesque (2000) concerning the relation between perceived of value with satisfaction customer. The objective of the research is to do further research to see the influence of dimensions perceive of value to satisfaction customers which in this case the applying of College which is managed by writer, and to know the influence assessment of student of pascasarjana to what is felt them referring to activity of their study which they have experienced satisfactorily.

Author: Dr. H.M. Noor Sembiring, SE, MM
Keywords: Pengaruh Dimensi-dimensi Terhadap Customer Satisfaction
Issue Date: Juni 2009
Publisher: Universitas Tama Jagakarsa
Series / Report no: Majalah Ilmiah Widya Tahun 26 Nomor 285, hal. 25 – 31
ISSN: 0251-2800
Appears in Collections: Ekonomi