Upaya Peningkatan Makna Norma Hindu Dalam Kehidupan Bermasyarakat Dan Berbangsa

Publish : 04 Oktober 2016 Fakultas : Keguruan & Ilmu Pendidikan

In modern life, we must have the courage to admit it fairly that we have trouble distinguishing the Hinduism value with the value of local customs (indigenous Balinese and Javanese indigenous peoples). These demands are often derived from the life of another religion who had earlier understood their religion through academic study. As a result, this social interaction makes Hindus have a difficulty to arguing the teachings of Hinduism, often heading towards the reason of our unique customs. According to the opinion of the author, consider of described above, for the academics (especially those who steeped in Hindu religion) becomes a serious challenges and must be sought for solution.

We should not be ashamed, if we can also strive to increase the Hindu religious norms in public life, through a process of academic human resources. Suitable institutions to deliver this vision is starting from university. Thus the efforts of academic studies that need to be improved is the sincerity and depth of Hindu norms. The author devide this project into three: the areas of family law norms of the law of marriage, inheritance law and economic law. Field of this study should be guided by the Hindu religion without doubting and set some slokas that came from Hindu scriptures.

Author: Prof.Dr. I Ketut Oka Setiawan, SH. MH. SpN
Keywords: Hindu religious norms, Hinduism, Hindu religion
Issue Date: Januari-juni 2012
Publisher: Jurnal Ilmiah Pasupati
Series / Report no: Vol. 1 Nomor 1
ISSN: 2303-0860
Appears in Collections: STAH - Dharma Nusantara Jakarta