Kajian Tarif Angkutan Umum Berdasarkan Biaya Operasional Kendaraan (Bok), Ability To Pay (Atp) Dan Willingness To Pay (Wtp)

Publish : 09 September 2020 Fakultas : Teknik Pengarang : Juhandi dan Maspul Aini Kambry


Vehicle Operating Fee (VOF) always change from time to time, especially when Indonesia's economic conditions fluctuate as it is today. Calculation of VOF Urban public transport plays a major role in the implementation of public passenger transportation. In order to operate in a sustainable manner. This public transportation requires costs to support its operational activities. This is where tariffs and BOK play an important role, because both are related to the survival and management of the company. The tariff determination in this research is based on VOF calculation factors which refer to the Decree of the Minister of Transportation KM Number. 89 of 2002 concerning Tariff Fixing Mechanisms and Tariff Formulas should still be accessible to the purchasing power of the public in addition to paying attention to the continuity and business development of public transport service providers.

Author: Juhandi dan Maspul Aini Kambry
Keywords: Tangerang city public transport rates, VOF, ATP, WTP
Issue Date: Agustus 2020
Publisher: Universitas Tama Jagakarsa
Series / Report no: Edisi Khusus, No 2, Agustus 2020
ISSN: 1978-001X
Appears in Collections: Teknik