Analisis Rekayasa Nilai (ve) Struktur Konvensional Menjadi Precast Pada Proyek Rusun Polri Kedaung Ciputat Tangerang Selatan

Publish : 26 Februari 2021 Fakultas : Teknik Pengarang : Eko Gantika dan Eri Susanto Hariyadi


One method of analysis to evaluate construction project planning with the aim of saving budget costs, optimizing performance and time efficiency and still paying attention to the quality of the work is to use Value Engineering. The main reason for this method of analysis is a systematic and directed evaluation approach to the object being reviewed. The stages in the Job Plan are the Information, Creative, Analysis and Recommendation Phases by determining which activities have the highest costs, then analyzed to determine alternative comparisons to the Life Cycle Cost with the classification of basic functions and secondary functions to obtain a Cost / Worth ratio.

Author: Eko Gantika dan Eri Susanto Hariyadi
Keywords: Value Engineering, Job Plan, Life Cycle Cost, Cost / Worth
Issue Date: Oktober 2020
Publisher: Universitas Tama Jagakarsa
Series / Report no: Edisi Khusus, No 4, Oktober 2020
ISSN: 1978-001X
Appears in Collections: Teknik