Analisis Penjadwalan Probabilistik Menggunakan Simulasi Monte Carlo (Studi Kasus Pembangunan Gedung Dharmawangsa II, Jakarta)

Publish : 26 Februari 2021 Fakultas : Teknik Pengarang : Arco Dwi Erlangga dan Maspul Aini Kambry


Implementation of probabilistic scheduling with Monte Carlo Simulation on building projects is very rarely used by Project Managers because Monte Carlo Simulation techniques and statistics take a long time. Monte Carlo simulation is a statistical sampling method to assume quantitative problem solving and fix the problem of identification of critical trajectories of a series of activities. Each activity has a distribution curve and its duration chosen randomly to find out the possibility of the total time of the project using the duration of optimistic, most preferred, and pessimistic from the interview results of competent personnel in the Dharmawangsa II Building project, Jakarta, with the help of Oracle Crystal Ball software obtained triangular distribution.

Author: Arco Dwi Erlangga dan Maspul Aini Kambry
Keywords: Monte Carlo, duration, sensitivity level
Issue Date: Oktober 2020
Publisher: Universitas Tama Jagakarsa
Series / Report no: Edisi Khusus, No 3, Oktober 2020
ISSN: 1978-001X
Appears in Collections: Teknik